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Thursday, October 20, 2005



Submitted by :
Dr. Himanshu Aggarwal, MD
Exam Date :
Oct. 2005
I paid:
$53 per day (including taxes)
Hotel Shuttle: Free from airport to hotel.
Travel to center : I walked - 5 Minutes!!
Hotel Pros : Very near to the center.
Hotel Cons :
Dont accept credit cards, need to take cash.
My Vote :
Strongly recommend hotel for Step 2 CS takers.



This is an excellent review and description provided a good friend I met on Orkut - Waqas Tariq, MD and I am plugging that here verbatim:

"In atlanta I stayed at Day's Inn Hotel.
The airport is BIG and airport trains take you to the terminals, where you collect your baggage. after going outside the terminal you see a sign on your right which says Taxis/ Hotel shuttles. keep walking on your right side and you will see a gray wall...behind it the shuttles are parked in a pink section which is very clearly marked at the arrivals area in the airport. At this pink section, you will wait for your respective hotel shuttle to arrive or you can call your hotel to send the shuttle for you. Also, if you intend to book a hotel when you reach atlanta, just where the baggage claim is, there is a free phone for numerous hotels in atlanta, just call them, ask fares and go to them via their shuttle.

Day's Inn Hotel is at 5 min walking distance from the center. Dont forget to ask for CS concession :-D. I stayed at $60/night in a double bedroom. It was very close to Airport ( 3.2 miles) and was quite a nice, clean place and served good breakfast and had Mc Donalds just next to it. For meat eaters it is ideal place, as for me, I was quite contended with the fish burger at Mc Donalds.

I also had terrible experiences with Delta air line as my baggaged got delayed and I had to wait for 6 hours on the airport waiting for my baggage. Keep your baggage as a hand carry if possible otherwise use continental airways :D Luckily I have this careful nature and I kept the permit with me alongwith some important stuff in a hand bag. So, I wasnt that worried and I came a day earlier to the city so that I can adjust there.... :)

But still I am quite depressed. I will be needing a lot of prayers from you guys :) please do so if this helped you. "

Well, many must have many prayed then..he he .....Coz he passed ! Congrats Waqas , and thanks for this exceedingly detailed description.